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From Campus to Corporate


A large amount of time and money has been invested in education, either by the individual or the company. The graduates now have the skills and knowledge to do the job. But tough competition for available jobs means interns/graduates need a competitive advantage over their peers. It is now time for the final polish – learning to achieve credibility, authority, impact, charisma and authenticity.

In a short space of time they need to show the value they will bring to the organisation. This course is designed to help interns/graduates to quickly adjust to their working environment, make powerful impressions and fast track their career path.

Session 1: The Brand YOU!
 Your Attitude = Your altitude
 The power of positive first impressions
 Designing a powerful personal brand

Session 2: The Look
 Image saboteurs
 Image and grooming tips
 Key elements of professional dress
• Power of colour
• Fabric and design
• Line and design
• Professional style scale
• Business casual vs smart casual
• Considering the company for which I work

 Building an affordable wardrobe
• Wardrobe organisation
• Cost per wear
• Cluster wardrobe

Session 3: The Manners
 Greetings and impressive introductions
 Mobile manners
 Office do's and don'ts
 Meeting know-how
 Network like a Pro – cocktail functions, business lunches

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