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Executive Coaching Package


Your Visual Signature.

All leaders have a Personal Brand; many don't realize it. Both leadership and management roles requires professionals in business to deliver results through others; supporting, directing, coaching, motivating and leading their team to continually maximize performance. Doing that well requires a highly effective Personal Brand and 1:1 Coaching creates a powerful professional relationship with a Personal Branding expert to help develop the communication skills, presence and impact of an outstanding leader.

Other people's perceptions of you become your reality.

What are others thinking about you?
What is your reputation?
What are you known for – good or bad?

Do you know the answers to these questions?

The way you dress and communicate – both verbally and non-verbally announces the outcome that other people can expect from you. It also announces how you feel about yourself and you will be treated accordingly.

Development of Your Personal Brand is crucial to growth – not only personally but professionally.

Conducted over 3 sessions:

Session 1

Identify needs and desirable Personal Brand Characteristics – A Personal Brand Audit is conducted and an executive summary report is issued.

Session 2

Coaching on image, verbal and non-verbal communication so as to enhance Personal Brand. Includes a colour and style consultation.

Session 3

Reinforce and recap

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