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Power Etiquette


The "B" and "C" of Personal Branding

What you don't know can destroy your career. Feeling confident that you know the fundamentals to interact appropriately in any business situation allows you to be the skilled professional who is able to promote yourself and your company with precision and style. The correct business etiquette will accelerate your career opportunities and provide you with a one-way ticket to success.

This presentation covers:

  • Why etiquette manners in today's world
  • Social behaviour highlights
    • Handshakes, greetings and introductions
    • Addressing individuals by name
    • Presenting your business card with class
  • Nonverbal Communication and Body Language
    • Eye contact, posture, personal space,
    • Positive and Negative body language signals
    • Synchronizing body language to develop rapport
  • Words have impact
    • The language you use sends messages
    • How our language at work matters
  • Small touches equal big business - Common courtesies
    • Showing courtesy and respect for co-workers
    • Office gossip
    • Open plan courtesies
  • Techno-Etiquette: Minding your manners in the Electronic Age
    • Mobile phone
    • Email
    • Instant messaging
    • Social media
  • Networking
    • Cocktail reception do's and taboos
    • Networking tips
    • Using an "elevator" speech effectively
    • Tip to gracefully exit and follow up after the conversation
  • Meeting Manners
    • Etiquette rules for travelling with clients
    • Meeting do's and taboos
    • Visiting a client
    • Receiving visitors
  • The Power of Positive Thanking
  • Dining for Dollars
    • Mind over platter-demystifying utensils, dishes and glasses
    • The Art of the Meal
  • Going Global: How to avoid an International Incident

Workshop content and length varies according to client brief

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