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Personal Style Formula

Personal Branding is developing a reputation. 

Many people do not give that much thought and their Personal Brand develops by accident rather than design.  Part of Personal Branding is developing a Signature look.  A look, that once developed becomes easy to put together and you will be known for that look.  When working with clients most appointments start out with the discovery of Style Personality and Style words. 

Looking and feeling great is a result of 3 elements working in harmony:

•    Your Personal Style
•    Your best Colours
•    Your best styles for your body shape.

Coco Chanel put it best: “If a woman is poorly dressed you notice the clothes.  If she is impeccably dressed you notice the woman”  Knowing how to work with all three elements will lead to confidence and greater self-esteem.

So what Personality Style are you?  Do you have a Signature Look? 

In this 90 min session, learn what style of clothing you like, what you don’t like and how to start building your signature look!


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