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The Colour Consultation

colour consultation

colour3_newEver been asked if you are feeling alright or told you look tired when in fact you feel fine? Ever looked in the mirror and felt you looked dull, boring? Are you confused about which colours suit you best? Do you get told you look good one day, and then no comments are made on another day?

Through a sophisticated colour consultation we will determine the most suitable colours for you.  Colour has a profound influence not only on how attractive you look but also how you feel.

The Benefits of a Colour Consultation

  • Wearing the appropriate colours will dramatically increase confidence levels.
  • The Correct Colours will contour, define bone structure; improve skin texture; smooth lines, shadows; even out skin imperfections, define the eye area
  • The Incorrect Colours could make you  look tired,  depressed, unapproachable, aggressive, angry; dulls complexion; physically distorts the face shape, shows pigmentation marks; accentuates lines.

You Will Receive:

  • A swatch set containing 60 of your best colours
  • A 36 page  colour booklet containing everything you need to know about you and your colours
    •    Which 1 of 12 different colour groups you are.
    •    Your required Contrast Level(s) for clothes and hair colour.
    •    Which Fabrics and Patterns suit you best.
    •    Your Hair Colour  options.
    •    How to wear black.
    •    Discover the link between Your Personality and Your Colouring.
    •    Your Face Shape to help you select eyewear, hairstyles, earrings, hats etc.
    •    Make-up advice


Colour consultation – 90 mins 

Group Colour Analysis (2-5 People)

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